Pink white, cuffs decorated with lace, basically a little translucent shirt ah! "This morning, who killed my car? If you stand up, I will not die around you!" At this time, 6 Scene's mobile phone rings. Hu Hao sat at the end of the bed and said what he thought. A few days ago, Zhang Yanzhi, vice governor of the Standing Committee, personally went to Xiangshui The crowd was silent. Indeed, they knew very well that Lu Xuan was the target of being pursued, but As the contract broke up, the fire monkey could not help pouring out a kind of unspeakable joy from Turn several sides in the direction of the blade. The magic memory trembles to become the God, the devil two clans hero! "You are ambushed and your mount is injured. What can I do for you?" Many warriors of the four major forces in the surrounding area were also surprised. All the inner disciples, deacons and even elders were shocked when they heard the news. "Brother Feng..." Liao Na sees Xiao Feng blinking and staring at her chest. Her face turns red and p Last night, the chapter seems to be a little bit arrogant. Cough, I'm sorry. The guild should pa Chen Yihan said as he zoomed back the screen image. When it comes time to go out, they will go out with the army. Although the 11th and 12th brigades were both new recruits, their attacks were still smooth in the f The little turtle rolled his eyes directly, showing an expression of idiocy

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