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It seems that doctor Mo Zhitao has found something by looking at the doctor. Hearing this, Du Shiyi just looked at Yang Xie with profound meaning. He took a deep breath, and the ancient Lei Yan's power began to encircle his body. He clenched h Unfortunately, it's too late to realize that now! In the end, long Jiaoyang chose to revive these five hundred thousand year old elites. Zhong muyuan is not a fool. I can tell Mu Shuang is not joking, Deacon Lei, who was on the small building opposite Shengguo's mansion, also smelled the blood. H However, with the strength of the current Terran, if Xi wants to help, it is also wishful thinking, Ning yuan frowned and asked. As Qiao Songnian's identity, he didn't know the news in advance The woman who had been sitting stood up fiercely. Her eyes showed the light of God. She looked at al At this time, Ji die found a topic and asked Ye Chu, "by the way, will you go to Chengxian road in t Kianni said, the muscles on his face could not help twitching. The captain of the transport ship, who arrived ashore in a small boat with nanjiro, said in a slight     ------------------------------------------- This is what Lin qingluan agreed to exchange with Xiao Fan. Only in this way did Lin qingluan feel f They think they're going to die here sooner or later. "Well, since they don't show up, I don't want to find them. You help me protect Dharma. I ha Today, Zhao Feng's spirit and will is far from the ordinary master of Xuanguang. Although he can

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