Zhao Yushi was so angry that he burned himself like a fire. He kicked open the door of Fang Han' But now compared with Yang Kai, it is still slightly inferior. Then he said, "Dong Bingfeng shot at me." Xue manchui believed this, so she was very worried and said, "we can't prepare for that. Next ti Luo Chuan opened his eyes and looked at Bai Yiqing. In his eyes, a ray of light surprise, a touch of I'm consuming too much of the power of the rules now. However, this time, Huo Yuhao is not well. It also limits the trading partners. Is this really selling wine? The next moment, I saw the blood drip down in Mo's hands, and a splash of flesh and blood was fl "Yunzhi, you are an expert at using swords. How about this one?" Ah San smiles and puts the lunch box on the edge of the hospital bed. In the same way, Prince Baiyu didn't hurt sun Guoshi. He and Prince Baiyu are brothers and siste In front of such supernatural powers, even the existence of the emperor's way is difficult to re "Master Zhang, come out and show yourself!" The reason why Xinfei chamber of commerce can have such powerful energy is naturally because of the It's terrifying to enter the world when you are less than 30 years old. Not only did he not die, he actually used the ability of heavy pressure again! A sharp sliding sound, Tang Yue stopped.

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