Pit teammates, this is because the system's teammates are random. Qimiao palace is a pure inheritance of the rivers and lakes. Xinlin is more interested in these anec "Just according to the book. The old bastard didn't dare to say anything, but his eyes really ma Or you can only play 70% of your strength. It's hard to recover completely, but Ningyuan "Your Lord..." Zhang Yao was already standing a little unsteadily, but she had to report to her mast His fighting power soared in a straight line, and rushed to the second level of the creation environ The cat ear girl was shocked. She didn't expect that the solid array could be destroyed so easil Yuan Shang and Zhang jaw took advantage of Cao Hong's running away and sneaked into the forbidde Tang Yu puppet a Leng, "Ding Dong, you, don't you want to be with me?" Eyes stay on Mufeng's body, do not know what to think. Wei Bao's face changed when he heard his words. I don't know when it has appeared behind Youluo. On the huge trunk of his body, a colorful old face appeared. The face, which was millions of miles i Li elder sister looked at Jin Mengyi's figure from the back, and was moved by Jin Mengyi's b Liu Minghua said with a bad smile: "well... I can play flute, bubble girl, chic and elegant, steal j Along the way, everyone who saw Su Hao stood still, his eyes full of respect and worship. The enemy will not be able to kill your team's small crisp is not necessarily. This phenomenon is contrary to Lin's previous belief that the effect of distortion is slow. It h

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