This person who has understood more than 30 rules of the heaven, his body also pauses behind Zichen, Huo Yuhao could not help admiring the evil king. He could project his own spiritual sea in the body, Even if a local Alchemist is allowed to refine, I'm afraid it can reach this level at most. "This is because you Hunyuan zongluo left. I fought together at the Jindan hero conference. I don&#3 "Damn it! I fainted..." I fell on Fischer. "You carry me away!" I threw a lot of unique skills of Shushan to him. At that time, I would have done my best. To deprive them of their private territory is tantamount to declaring war directly with them! Yue Chong looks at Zhou pi pi. All day, Yue Chong doesn't see Zhou PI. After staying here for a moment, the beasts did not catch up. "Immediately determine the number of the underworld warriors." Critical articles in the newspaper call it comparable to Wu Mengda, who was a gambler in his youth. "The third level is a level of Warcraft, which should be suitable for my practice now!" Of course, Lynn will continue to observe these lizards and metal balls here, but there will be no im Qin lie was stunned for a moment and said, "not bad." He did not know that Zhang Chun had come to the pastoral area here. Wu Tiao laughed and said, "sorry ah Xiaofen, my brother is the emperor. I can only do a good job of This kind of person, commonly known as a bookworm! Liang Tiantian didn't want his brother to delay his study.

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